About Us



Global Skin And Wellness is a medical aesthetic center located in town. Founded in 2007, Global Skin And Wellness Sdn Bhd has committed to provide professional, confidential and personalized aesthetic services to everyone who wants to improve their aesthetic appearance and wellbeing to the fullest.

With a combination of a team of highly experienced and skilled medical aesthetic experts and premium quality technology devices, Global Skin And Wellness Sdn Bhd aims to provide an outstanding aesthetic experience with impressive results to each one of our customers.  

Whether you are in need of face, body or hair treatment -  you have come to the right place as our aesthetic services include variety of treatments of highest quality.

By using our expert knowledge and experience, we aim to deliver our treatments in the highest level of professionality in order to meet our customers’ needs and wants.

With the guidance of our medical aesthetic experts, you will receive all the necessary information about your treatment options in order to decide which one suits you the most for the results that you seek.

Our driving force is the fact that WE CARE. We care for your wellbeing, we care for the aesthetic results that you dream about and we care enough to help you reach them to their very maximum.



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