Laser Birthmark Removal

What is it?

Birthmarks are areas of discolored and raised spots found on the skin. Birthmarks are groups of malformed pigment cells or blood vessels. The common appearing birthmark is a tiny red or purple mark. A specific group of birthmarks, called "strawberry spot," "portwine stain," and "stork bite," are medically called hemangiomas. These birthmarks are essentially an overgrowth of blood vessel tissue in a specific area on the body.

Many birthmarks disappear without any special treatment, but some remain the same size or enlarge. In rare cases, the strawberry mark may cover large area of the face and body. 

When the laser light hits the birthmark, the laser energy is absorbed by the pigment cells in the birthmark and destroys them. Depending on the kind of birthmark and severity of the lesion, several sessions of treatment is usually required for total resolution. The treatments are usually performed once every 1 to 3 months.



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